Events & Trainings

Ukeru’s top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our those we serve as well as our staff. Of course, this has been even more challenging i due to COVID-19.

Throughout 2020, we have tried to adapt and be flexible. To that end, we are now offering options for partial training, without the physical skills certification elements. Those who are interested can receive partial training without the physical skills certification elements. Clients can choose to:

  • Certify staff in all non-physical components of Ukeru, followed by a later certification on just the physical skills to complete a full certification. If this option is used, the certification date will be recorded as the date that they completed the non-physical portion.
  • Certify staff in everything up through the use of blocking. At a later date, they can certify in the release/protective skills that require close contact.


Dates currently schedule for trainings in the future include:

  • Oct 6-7
  • Nov 3-4
  • Dec 8-9


Contact for more details or to register for one of these sessions.

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