How We Can Help

Training: Led by the team that developed Ukeru®, training is provided on key concepts — such as trauma-informed care, de-escalation, and conflict resolution — as well as the physical techniques and tools that help manage challenging behavior. Learn more here.

Equipment: With the same innovative spirit that has driven the organization since its inception, Ukeru developed patented, custom-made, cushioned blocking shields that keep both professionals and those in their care safe and comfortable. Learn more here.

Culture change: Ukeru provides comprehensive organizational assessments and tailored plans to help shift cultures and create sustainable change that results in an environment focused on comfort rather than control for everyone – clients and employees. Learn more here.

Case Formulation: Our team has a long history of supporting individuals with some of the most challenging behaviors, helping them to make progress once thought unimaginable. Do you have a case with which you are struggling? Let us bring that experience to bear for your clients. Learn more here.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Our restraints went drastically down. You could see the kids felt more safe, more comfortable at school. It was amazing to see the transformation for them, from feeling unsafe before Ukeru, to feeling so safe with it.” – Amber Angellotto, Behavior Health Worker

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