Customized to fit the unique needs of your organization, Ukeru® offers direct participant trainings as well as a train-the-trainer series. Training is straightforward, easy to implement, and focuses on what caregivers want to do most – communicate effectively with clients and avoid stressful, escalating behaviors.

Through trauma informed training, Ukeru helps providers explore and understand the effects of trauma on behavior and functioning. Participants will learn how to assess the impact of trauma, understand trauma symptoms, and take those symptoms into consideration when developing a support plan for each client who has experienced trauma.

  • Introduces the importance of creating a trauma-Informed treatment environment;
  • Explores the effects of trauma on the brain and subsequent behavioral, emotional, and adaptive functioning;
  • Provides a better understanding of why individuals may exhibit behaviors that are considered “maladaptive” but may actually be quite “adaptive” in protecting the individual from real or perceived threat.
  • Presents cultural and environmental factors associated with “trauma-informed” and “trauma-uninformed” settings,
  • Reviews specific information to consider when assessing the impact of trauma and developing a support plan to minimize traumatic stress in the future.


Conceptual training is provided on:

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Managing and de-escalating conflict by converting/diverting an aggressive;
  • Building an environment focused on comfort versus control;
  • Taking into account the high prevalence of traumatic experiences in individuals who receive services for developmental, behavioral, and mental health needs as well as those who provide care and treatment.


Physical techniques are taught by practicing effective use of protective equipment and soft, cushioned blocking materials — custom made specifically for use with the Ukeru model— that keep both the employee and client safe. These techniques include:

  • Physical release techniques
  • Physical re-direction
  • Blocking techniques


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“Ukeru offers an alternative that is safer and more respectful of the person being served. It forces you to change the expectation of what is acceptable.”Betty Holland, Former President & CEO Sunshine Communities

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