Trauma Informed Care

Ukeru’s Trauma Informed Care (TIC) program helps to create a trauma-informed treatment environment for those receiving services for intellectual, developmental, or psychiatric disabilities. Ukeru’s customized TIC training provides background into causes and symptoms of trauma, its effects on the brain, and methods of providing a more trauma-sensitive background to help people feel safe.

Through TIC training, Ukeru® helps providers explore and understand the effects of trauma on behavior and functioning. Participants will learn how to assess the impact of trauma and develop a support plan for each client who has experienced trauma.

The TIC program:

  • Introduces the importance of creating a trauma-Informed treatment environment;
  • Explores the effects of trauma on the brain and subsequent behavioral, emotional, and adaptive functioning;
  • Provides a better understanding of why individuals may exhibit behaviors that are considered “maladaptive” but may actually be quite “adaptive” in protecting the individual from real or perceived threat.
  • Presents cultural and environmental factors associated with “trauma-informed” and “trauma-uninformed” settings,
  • Reviews specific information to consider when assessing the impact of trauma and developing a support plan to minimize traumatic stress in the future.


Learn more about the negative impact of trauma. For more information on Ukeru’s trauma informed training program, please contact us at

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