Who We Are

Ukeru Systems® is the only national crisis intervention program to offer a physical alternative to the use of restraints and seclusion as accepted behavioral management tools.

Our award-winning program* has helped behavioral health providers and schools reduce the use of restraint, seclusion, and injury, while lowering workers’ compensation costs and employee turnover.

We believe that all intervention — educational and behavioral — should be built on an approach of Comfort vs. Control®. To help make this a reality, we provide training on the conceptual ideas — such as trauma informed care and conflict resolution — as well as the physical techniques that minimize the need for restraints and seclusion.

Hear from Ukeru President, Kim Sanders. To learn more about Ukeru, contact info@ukerusystems.com.

“People who, in the past, could not move from one room to the next without challenges are now out in the community, working and engaging in meaningful activities of interest. People who used to require several staff for assistance at all times are now walking around with little to no risk of harm to themselves or others, with minimal staff supports.” – Veronica Federiconi, Autism Services

* Ukeru has received national and international recognition including winning the prestigious Negley President’s Award for Excellence in Risk Management twice (2008 and 2012); the 2013 National Council Impact Awards; and recognition by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration for clinical best practices in restraint and seclusion reduction (2010).

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