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Ukeru Systems® was born from both necessity and vision. In 2004, Grafton Integrated Health Network (Grafton) — a nationally recognized leader in delivering measureable results for children, adolescents and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, and complex mental health challenges — issued a mandate to eliminate restraints without compromising employee or client safety.

Unable to find an appropriate training program already established, Grafton employees created their own, based on a core philosophy of Comfort vs. Control® and Trauma Informed Approaches. This method provided an alternative approach to coercive behavioral techniques. Since then, the organization has reduced the use of restraints by more than 99 percent and has significantly increased the rate of treatment goals mastered across the organization.


It also greatly reduced the number of injuries to both clients and staff while simultaneously lowering costs associated with workers’ compensation policies and employee turnover. In so doing, it saved an estimated $17 million.

Using its own experience as a model, Grafton developed Ukeru®(Japanese for “receive”), the first crisis-training program to offer a physical alternative to restraints and seclusion. Today, Ukeru is used in 32 states and more than 161 private day and residential programs, private and public schools, psychiatric hospitals and forensic units.

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