In addition to Grafton Integrated Health Network, a number of organizations across the United States and globally have adopted Ukeru to support a wide range of adult and childhood disabilities. Here are a few teams that have enjoyed success with Ukeru since 2010:

  • Sunshine: A non-profit provider of services to people with developmental disabilities in the Toledo, Ohio area and across northwest Ohio.
  • AltaPointe Health Systems: Alabama’s largest and most comprehensive behavioral healthcare and psychiatric hospital system.
  • Yooralla: A disability services organization based in Melbourne, Australia.
  • California Department of Developmental Services: Implementing program at three state-run developmental centers and one community facility.

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Testimonials from staff and leadership at organizations working with Ukeru:

“The program gives our staff the room and the space to understand what the client is trying to communicate – often non-verbally — and to understand their frustrations and address them. It may seem dangerous, but they are really trying to tell us something, and we need to respect that and listen.”

“Other programs are about dominating behavior or subduing it – and communications is then lost. Ukeru allows us to keep communicating, engaging and understanding. It is not about overcoming or subduing. It is not a middle point, it is a totally different road.”

“Ukeru is an approach that gets the patient from uptight to calm, helps you put the fire out, but also prevent reigniting!”

“The absolute focus on no restraint is a real shift in thinking. It is about averting the crisis; committing to move through this effort using comfort over control.”

“Ukeru offers an alternative that is safer and more respectful of the person being served.”

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