History & Mission

Ukeru Systems® is a company born from both necessity and vision. A decade ago, Grafton Integrated Health Network (Grafton) — an organization serving children and adults with autism and co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses — issued a mandate to eliminate restraints without compromising employee or client safety.

Since then, the organization has reduced the use of restraints by more than 99 percent and has significantly increased the rate of treatment goals mastered across the organization. It also greatly reduced the number of injuries to both clients and staff while simultaneously lowering costs associated with workers’ compensation policies and employee turnover. In so doing, it saved an estimated $16 million over eleven years.

In 2015, based on its own experience and success, Grafton launched Ukeru Systems, a safe, comforting and restraint-free crisis management program developed by and for behavioral health professionals and paraprofessionals, educators and parents. Today, Ukeru leadership travels the country, training others on these techniques.

To learn more about Ukeru, contact info@ukerusystems.com.

Using Ukeru will bring a decrease in employee injury, which reduces workers compensation costs. But the program also brings more integrity to the employee/client relationship, and staff should feel safer and more confident.

10 years of recognition

Over the past 10 years, Ukeru has received national and international recognition and awards, including the Negley President’s Award for Excellence in Risk Management Practices, the National Council for Behavioral Health Impact Award, and recognition from SAMHSA for clinical best practices in restraint and seclusion reduction.

Additional techniques

Our team has developed and now offers additional care and client management techniques, including the Grafton Method and Trauma Informed Care. For more information on all of our offerings, see Our Solutions.

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