Beyond Understanding, Ukeru Expert Offers Solutions For Better Managing Autism

Posted October 5, 2015

Ukeru expert Bonnie Zampino is once again speaking out via Huffington Post, this time in response to an earlier post about autism that inspired thousands of comments — not all of them positive. In a follow-up article, Bonnie offers solutions to help those with typically functioning children gain both understanding and compassion for those with autism.  Bonnie suggests that everyone can benefit if they:

  • Become Trauma Informed. Knowing how trauma or stimulation can change the brain and lead to behaviors that may seem inappropriate and aggressive will help everyone. Zampino notes that “people with autism aren’t being malicious when they are aggressive. Their brain is simply initiating the “fight or flight” response.”
  • Become a Behavior Detective. All behavior is done to meet a need. Once we know WHY someone is doing something, we can make simple changes to the environment so that they don’t repeat that behavior.
  • Become an Interactive Parent.  Recognize that inclusion of those with autism is the new normal, and that typically-functioning kids who learn how to be kind, calm and remain safe while handling disagreements will be better prepared for life in an inclusive world.

Read the full article here.