Ukeru®’s Debriefing Training is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills to effectively conduct a review of crisis situations with a focus on learning from them. This training demonstrates how to become “Behavior Detectives,” emphasizing the “why” behind someone’s behavior. Each training typically ends with true-to-life practice sessions.

This training will help:

  • Build perspective and skills on how to debrief in a more solution-focused and problem-solving way by informing participants of what debriefing is and isn’t and why it is necessary. The training will introduce a comprehensive approach to running a debriefing. 
  • Transition from using labels like “attention seeking” or “manipulative” to focusing on the functions of behavior and alternative ways to approach a situation.
  • Building on Ukeru’s Comfort vs. Control approach, searching for the “why” of the behavior versus judging behavior on the surface.
  • Find creative ways on where and when debriefing can occur, discussing ideas on how to include staff even during off times, and identifying who should be included and why.
  • Have a better understanding of the importance and benefits of debriefing by reviewing videos and/or written accounts of mock incidents and then practicing how to run a learning-based debriefing, including how to handle difficult personality types.
  • Create a psychologically safe space to help everyone feel less defensive—and prevent anyone from feeling accused of wrongdoing—by reviewing ground rules and how to appropriately hold staff accountable during debriefing.
  • Facilitate debriefings in a comforting and caring manner; celebrate what went well while problem solving what didn’t go well.