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When you use Ukeru®, it’s something about that relationship that changes when you don’t actually put hands on them and don’t have to restrain them. That relationship is strengthened.

Paul Gunther, Rehabilitative and Behavioral Health Services Director, Berkeley County School District

“Our restraints went drastically down. You could see the kids felt more safe, more comfortable at school. It was amazing to see the transformation for them, from feeling unsafe before Ukeru, to feeling so safe with it…Ukeru definitely helped improve the burn out rate here, especially in the moments of crisis. You’re able to stay longer, to help longer. You’re able to feel better as you’re intervening with the kids. I think that is very helpful.“

Amber Angellotto, Behavior Health Worker, Wesley Spectrum Family Services

The results and cultural change have been remarkable. We are invested in doing this in all our locations

Chris Ferry, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Community Programs, KidsPeace

The implementation of the Ukeru method is as much about the safety, comfort, and care of residents and students as it is for staff members. The Ukeru method has a strong focus on teamwork and cooperation. This emphasis on teamwork has a positive effect on the overall environment of each residence, classroom, work area, and on Woods as a whole.

Woods Services

At the end of a situation where you use Ukeru, you’ll still be able to reconnect with your client. That’s not something you can do when a client is physically restrained.

Abraham Hill, Psychiatric Technician Instructor in the Department of Developmental Services at California State Agency

“Ukeru benefits everyone – the treaters and the clients, teachers and students. A trauma-informed approach makes sense for everyone.”

Suzann Simoncelli, PT Director of Community Based Professional Services

Implementing Ukeru has driven change in our school district. It has changed behavior policy at the district level. We left that first visit to Ukeru blown away. And it’s only gotten better since then.

Kate Barbaro, Special Education Supervisor for the Millcreek Township School District

We had our first restraint-free summer in our history. We avoided so many meltdowns that we may have unwittingly precipitated with our old approach. Ukeru was a revelation for us.