Retired Teacher Spreads Compassionate Approach

I was an elementary classroom teacher for 31 years. I think I was a good teacher as I easily connected with most of my students and created positive, loving relationships. There have always been challenges in education, but I felt like the last few years were even more challenging. There seemed to be an uptick in student behaviors that became significantly disruptive to the learning environment. 

During my career, many opportunities were given to improve the craft of teaching in the academic areas of reading, writing, and math. Unfortunately, these same opportunities were not provided to assist me in learning how to identify the root of behaviors and support students in regulating these behaviors. Then, one day I was LUCKY enough to discover Ukeru. This approach rooted in trauma-informed care helped me understand that ALL behaviors have a why. It opened my eyes to things that I was missing that one might have thought were common sense. Ukeru helped me look at my students through a different lens – an unbiased one! I started being more proactive than reactive. This approach helped me come to the realization that my classroom could be under control without me being in control!  

Ukeru also helped me look at my colleagues differently. Often, I felt like a silo and did not feel like some of my co-workers were exerting as much effort as I was. This often left me feeling bitter. Ukeru helped me realize that we do not all put the same amount of importance or value on the same things and that is okay! In retrospect, I did not know what my colleagues were dealing with in their personal lives or what personal responsibilities they had outside the school day. Ukeru training impressed upon me that being kinder and more compassionate to my co-workers makes for a happier workplace. A happy school environment makes life better for everyone- students and teachers! A happy school environment feels safer- both physically and emotionally!

I can honestly say the Ukeru training changed my mindset and my life! I wish I had discovered Ukeru earlier in my teaching career! I think about the impact this training could have had on my early teaching days and how it would have helped me collaborate better with my colleagues to make a more nurturing school environment. 

I have retired from teaching now and there are many aspects of classroom teaching that I miss, but I am so HAPPY to be working as an Ukeru Learning Engineer. This job allows me to continue making a difference in the lives of children as I travel the country spreading the GREAT news Ukeru has to offer!