Hear directly from those who have worked with Ukeru® about their experiences and, most importantly, the results:


“I want people to understand that it is never okay to put your hands on someone else. I want people with Autism to be more supported, comfortable and learn to be more in control of their own behavior.”

– Veronica Federiconi, Autism Services

“My teachers are thrilled with Ukeru and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I announced at the last principal’s meeting that we are no longer going to use our previous training system. Instead, we are now using Ukeru exclusively as a county school system.”

– Former Public School Administrator 


“People who, in the past, could not move from one room to the next without challenges are now out in the community, working and engaging in meaningful activities of interest. People who used to require several staff for assistance at all times are now walking around with little to no risk of harm to themselves or others, with minimal staff supports.”

– Veronica Federiconi, Autism Services

“The numbers don’t lie. [Grafton’s] restraint and seclusion numbers went down and so did ours. (My organization) was in the same boat in having doubt and now look at what we have achieved, a 65% reduction of restraint and seclusion in one year.”

– Day School Coordinator


“The feedback is very positive. At every training, we solicit feedback and, in response, hear how easy staff find the Ukeru blocking materials to use. Additionally, they appreciate that we are introducing the materials to our children and adults in a respectful, non-threatening manner.”

– Veronica Federiconi Of Autism Services

“As you block you are continually in dialogue. You never stop communicating, but with no hands on. Ukeru offers an alternative that is safer and more respectful of the person being served. It forces you to change the expectation of what is acceptable.”

– Betty Holland, Former President & CEO Sunshine Communities

“Ukeru is very personal. A lot of other systems have been around a while and they are clearly businesses. With Ukeru, there is a different level of accessibility and discussion. For trainers, it’s very interactive. Even after the training, Ukeru is very helpful in terms of responding to ongoing questions. It is a true partner in helping to create and maintain a restraint free environment.”

– Mark Gleason, Chief Operating Officer, Northwestern Community Services

“It has helped managers build a rapport with the staff so that when we are working as teams we can best meet the needs of clients. We practice empathy and effective listening and gather more information about each other’s past traumatic experiences. At the end of training, we know each other’s triggers; how to work effectively; and what each team member’s strengths and weaknesses are.”

– Day School Coordinator 


“He is not at all violent like he was before. When he does have outbursts now, it’s an anomaly. And, on those rare occasions, the Grafton team is able to de-escalate — rather than try to restrain or seclude him — by redirecting him.”

– Mother & Advocate Rhonda Richardson


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