Webinar: Creating a Trauma-Informed School

On Monday, August 6th, we hosted an online webinar on creating a trauma-informed school.

Webinar Overview: 

Name: Creating a Trauma-Informed School

When: Monday, August 6th, 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT

Where:  You can find an archived version of the webinar here. 

In Nashville, TN, 60% of children have had an adverse childhood experience. The city is home to Fall-Hamilton Elementary, a school in the center of a changing neighborhood in which many students are being displaced.

To better support the entire community at Fall-Hamilton Elementary School, Principal Mathew Portell and his team took proactive steps to ensure the needs of students and teachers were being met. This webinar highlighted the school’s experience in becoming trauma informed.  We heard directly from Principal Portell as he outlined the foundation of this approach:

  • Understanding how the brain works
  • Understanding the impact of trauma
  • Utilizing trauma informed approaches
  • De-escalating crisis situations

There was time allotted afterward for participants to ask questions of Principal Portell.

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