Be Their Hero: Supporting Children Impacted by Childhood Trauma

Featuring Josh Varner, M.S. Ed.

When: Thursday, November 18 from 3:30-4:30pm ET

Where: Register for the webinar here

Two out of every three students in the United States are impacted by a traumatic event. When people experience trauma, it’s normal and natural for them to have a hard time coping afterwards. How can educators, families, and others working with children impacted by childhood trauma best support them?

Josh Varner has worked as a social worker, school counselor, and is currently a teacher serving at-risk students. He has spoken to over 100 schools about how to support students impacted by the effects of trauma. On this webinar, he will cover:

  • How many students are impacted by childhood trauma and how to identify them.
  • How the brain and body respond to trauma and how that impacts student behavior.
  • Specific tools that can be used to support students.

Join us for this very important conversation. There will be time allotted to ask questions.

Follow the Conversation: We encourage participants to add your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #StartsWithU on Twitter.

We encourage participants to add their voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #startswithU on Twitter.