• Life Without Restraint

    A safe, comforting, and restraint-free approach to crisis management

  • Webinar:

    Creating a Relationship-First vs. Rules-First Environment

  • Materials

    Ukeru has developed a suite of materials to help advocate for the elimination of restraint and seclusion.

  • In the News

    Restraint and seclusion are in the news more than ever. Read what Ukeru subject matter experts have to say in recent coverage.


No one wants to use restraint or seclusion to manage behavior. But when fear and frustration take over, it can sometimes seem as if there is no other option. But there is another choice. Let Ukeru show you the way.

  • “My teachers are thrilled with Ukeru and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I announced at the last principal’s meeting that we are no longer going to use our previous training system. Instead, we are now using Ukeru exclusively as a county school system.”

    — Public School Administrator

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