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More than 700 organizations across the U.S. and internationally, including:

Restraint-Free, Trauma-Informed Care

No one wants to use restraint or seclusion to manage behavior. But when fear and frustration take over, it can seem as if there’s no other option. Let Ukeru show you another choice.


Ukeru has developed a suite of materials to help advocate for the elimination of restraint and seclusion. Take a look!

trauma-informed care

Trauma-Informed Care

Learn about the impact of trauma and creating an environment of Comfort vs. Control.

The Mindset

Our most recent podcast explores power dynamics in the workplace & the reality of aggressive client behavior. Listen now!

At Ukeru, we believe that our system should be utilized in #EverySchool across the nation and beyond because everyone can benefit from a trauma-informed, hands-off approach. Now more than ever we need to value our educators and make sure that they are equipped with the right training and tools to keep both themselves and students safe.