The behavioral health experts who developed Ukeru® now train caregivers, teachers and others on both the conceptual ideas — such as trauma informed care and conflict resolution — as well as the physical techniques that minimize the need for restraints and seclusion. Training is provided onsite, and is fully customized depending on organizational needs, size and structure. Monthly trainings are also held at Ukeru’s Winchester, VA location.

The training is straightforward, providing tips and tools to make the methods easy to remember in any situation. We also provide access to training videos, which can be referred back to at any time. Upon completion of the training, staff and facility are certified to use Ukeru in all care environments. Recertification is required on an annual basis.

We also provide organizational assessments and capacity building to assist organization in implementing the Ukeru model in their own environment.

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“The program gives our staff the room and the space to understand what the client is trying to communicate often non-verbally and to understand their frustrations and address them.”

Conceptual training is provided on:

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Managing and de-escalating conflict by converting/diverting an aggressive;
  • Building an environment focused on comfort verus control;
  • Taking into account the high prevalence of traumatic experiences in individuals who receive services for developmental, behavioral and mental health needs

Physical techniques are taught by practicing effective use of protective equipment and soft, cushioned blocking materials — customer made specifically for use with the Ukeru model—for use to keep both the caregiver and client safe. These techniques include:

  • Physical release techniques
  • Physical re-direction
  • Blocking techniques

“Staff has confidence because Ukeru helps them feel more engaged. It is non-intrusive and proactive. You know from the start how you will manage behavior, to ensure that it does not get out of hand.”

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