Promoting A Greater Understanding Of All Types Of Autism

Posted September 28, 2015

Awareness and empathy of autism is the only way to bring constructive change, says Ukeru System’s Bonnie Zampino in a Huffington Post editorial that has gained significant public attention. Bonnie was inspired to write the article after reading about several neighboring families in California who are suing the parents of a child with autism.  The lawsuit contends that the child is a public nuisance because of behaviors that his parents failed to fix.

Bonnie writes about her son, who has “the kind of autism that no one talks about,” and proposes that we need a greater awareness of all types of autism, “more education, more understanding, more inclusion and more involvement.”  The article has been shared by over 32,000 people on Facebook, and has generated 1,300 comments. Read the full article here.